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KidBook — Interactive Books


Get your child to start reading today! Kidbook helps children read, explore and discover books based on their interests. This interactive mobile platform was created with the sole purpose of making reading enjoyable for kids. Our storybooks features lots of colorful illustrations, animated characters, story­driven games, and touch­screen interactions that bring favorite stories to life and keeps children engaged while learning. Designed for tablets, Kidbook can be of much assistance to teachers and parents alike. ALL YOUR BOOKS IN ONE APP No need to look for your favorite stories among thousands of other apps! Download once and get the whole collection of the best ​ childrens development​ books and bedtime stories at your fingertips. Here you will find the best­loved children books and new works of popular authors. Both paid and free books are available. Watch the demo before you download the whole book. BEST FOR PRESCHOOL In our collection you can find books for children from 2 to 10 years old, with an emphasis on age from 3 to5. Particular attention is paid to developing an interactive element on every page. BEAUTIFUL ​ ILLUSTRATIONS​ and ​ CAPTIVATING​ VOICES Each book and all its elements are carefully designed by professional artists and illustrators while the​ narration is​ voiced by talented actors, to sweep your little tykes along the story. Funny, endearing, and cute characters will entertain and engage both kids and adults. PARENTAL CONTROL Only parents can change application settings or ​ make in­app purchases​ . CONSTANT UPDATES The library is being constantly enriched with new works. To follow updates, allow the application to send you KidBook push­notifications. Fun, exciting, and educational at the same time. Learn and love to read!